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Girish Altekar


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Girish Altekar, Libertarian For Congress

I am a resident of Clarksville and Crestview neighborhoods of Austin for 34 years. After working for various technology companies, I have run my WIFI business for the last 20 years. I continue to be curious about the technology world around me and I am always full of ideas for entrepreneurship. Not all of them bear fruit.

In 1982, having received my Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering in India, I arrived in the US to start my MS in Computer and Systems Engineering at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in upstate NY. Like most Indian students who made similar journeys, I came with nothing but an assistantship, and an optimistic belief in the future that things would be ok. Things were ok.

Over the years, I developed a deep appreciation for the founding philosophies of this nation. The deference to individuals to pursue happiness as they see fit, is unmatched in this world. America derives its enduring strength and vitality from this single exceptional attribute. I consider it my duty to contribute to the preservation of these ideals for future generations.

With a libertarian outlook, I firmly believe in the importance of personal freedom across all aspects of life. While this campaign primarily focuses on economic issues, I advocate for policies that prioritize individual liberty, as I am convinced that such measures lead to better outcomes for all.

We are not what we vote, we are citizens with a future to plan for, kids to raise, and a life to enjoy. If you believe that freedoms in economic matters will help you, your families and your community, I ask for your support and we can get started.

Bio Data


1981 - B. Tech, Electrical Engg, IIT, Bombay

1983 - MS, Computer & Systems Engg, RPI, Troy, NY

1994 - MBA, University of Texas, Austin

Professional Experience

1998 to Present - DeepCoolClear, LLC, Austin TX

1989 to 1998 - Tandem, Austin TX

1987 to 1989 - Data General, Westboro, MA

1983 to 1987 - Unisys, Lake Forest, CA


Former Member, Rotary Club of Austin

Member, Cato Institute,

Member, Institute For Justice,

Member, Braver Angels,


Gardening, Pickleball, Scuba, Dancing, Bridge

Currently Reading

The Capitalist Manifesto, Norberg

SuperAbundance, Tupy and Pooley

Shelter From the Storm, Calabria